Best Projects 2018

These are the best project out of 23 in total in 2018. You can find all the code here.


Virtual Sommelier
Brian Tillman, Jiada Li, Trevor Olsen
Project Video

Take Your Shot, a Shot Chart Analysis of the Utah Jazz
Jacob Brown, Kyle Salisbury, Avery Smith
Project Video

Runner ups:

Tweet, Tweet…Can That Bird Predict Stock Prices??
Jorge Rodriguez and Rebecca Rodriguez
Project Video

Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient of Solar Panels in Utility-Scale Solar Farms
Adam Vogel, Brooke Stanislawski, Connor DeFriez
Project Video

Exploratory Analysis of Salt Lake City Police Data
Walter Shearon, Zach St. Clair, Nicholas Bitter

Analysis of Music Trends - Using the Spotify API
Puneet Mulay, Vivek Mishal
Project Video

Weather our power consumption will change
James Newman and Aaron Young

Best Projects 2016

These are the best projects (out of 15 in total) in 2016.

The Winner: Categorization of Asteroids by Probable Origin

Annie Yun
Jupyter Notbeook
Project Video

Second Place: Puppies, Sharks, and Bears - Oh my!

Ellen Reat, Andy Trow, Nadia Nishu
Jupyter Notbeook
Project Video

Third Place: New York City Schools Survey

Kara Johnson, Sara Johnson
Jupyter Notbeook
Project Video