Homework assignments are due on Fridays, 11:59 pm ET. For due dates see the schedule. For more details see the syllabus.

The assignments are published on GitHub.

Submission Instructions

Homework submissions will be handled trough Canvas. Submit a zip file that includes all files needed to execute the homework.

Homework Rules & Hints

A couple of important rules to make our lives easier:

  • See the syllabus for our collaboration policy and to learn how to quote your sources.
  • We recommend you use version control while you are working on your homework using a private repository. GitHub offers free private repositories for students, BitBucket also provides free private repositories . Every time you are done with a chunk of work, or when you are done for the day, push your changes to a repository. This will avoid data loss, even if your house burns down, and you always will be able to recover what you already pushed. Make sure that your work is NOT PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE.
  • We will grade your work based on the IPython, Jupyter and library version introduced in the labs. Make sure that your code is compatible with these versions.